When you take the time to powerfully pause, you access your core strength and knowing. From this space, you gain a holistic perspective IN NOW TIME of your own expansiveness; allowing you to consciously chose emergence. Emergence grounds expansive energy to ignite rapid evolution free of default patterns and environmental stress.

When you are aware and free of internal and external stress you are more YOU, more centered, more magnetic. The more YOU you are, the brighter you shine in the world and are able to mirror brightness back to others.

OUR MISSION Pause-Power provides context and respite for experiences of expansion, insight and rejuvenation through a variety of group and private sessions in order to strengthen the world.

…. Galisteo … is like a connection to another world …the experience is like a vortex of energy that gives you messages from a deeper part of yourself …you get a vibrational feeling that you can’t just get anywhere ~ Kathy Walsh, Owner Knock Knock Social

How we achieve our mission

We operate from a shared strategy measured through a Balanced Scorecard System. As long as we maintain the four key areas below, we gracefully navigate our contribution of strengthening the world:


Inspiring Facilitators

Holistic Marketing

Multiple Source Income



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