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Image 10While the Temple of Entrada is a physical location in the Galisteo Basin of New Mexico, the essence of the Temple is an opportunity for profound access (or entry : entrada) to experiences of deep awareness and alignment with your purest expansive potential.                                  

The Temple of Entrada is ultimately inside of you — the physical location in Galisteo provides energetic expansive experiences  through sessions & offerings of breath, meditation, movement, music, and yoga, as well as special sessions related to energy, healing, and nature.                                  

The Mission of the Temple is to support you in consistently remembering that inside you, in your own temple, there is immediate entry to a place of healing and highest consciousness connection; resulting in profound awareness of your own emergence and timeless divinity.10687224_10201684151985640_7851722403512645236_n

The temple is like a connection to another world …the experience is like a vortex of energy that gives you messages from a deeper part of yourself …you get a vibrational feeling that you can’t just get anywhere ~ Kathy Walsh, Owner Knock Knock Social


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