serpent energy art

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“Cosmic Serpent″ : 17 7/8″ x 23 1/2” : Acrylic on canvas: 2015 : Framed : $475

The ancient, primal image of Serpent has been expressed across cultures in a multitude of mediums. Diving into its energy of birth, enlightenment, death, fertility, oneness, protection, re-birth and transformation is a journey into a relationship with timeless, expansive source energy. More about vital serpent energy.

Serpent is a primary, recurring theme in my artistic expression. I am heavily influenced by my relationship with the land of Galisteo, as well as interactions with Serpent Mound in my home state of Ohio and the kundalini energy of the yoga I teach.


Collaboration Ruby and artist Janet Pfeiffer work together in encaustic to explore variations of Serpent’s twists and turns. 


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