vital serpent energy

imageA late afternoon mini-retreat focused on consciously working with the creative force of serpent energy.

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3:00 – 5:30 pm $77 to register

Step into the healing-feminine-matrix in the Galisteo Basin and explore your own vital serpent energy.

The ancient, primal image of Serpent has been expressed across many cultures as creative energy, Kundalini Shakti, life force, sexual energy, source, and vital energy. Here in the village of Galisteo, we are uniquely situated between two very powerful serpent vortexes identified in the Southeast and North.

Consciously working with kundalini or serpent energy is a beautiful experience and feels good because it calms the nervous system, relaxes the mind, is inherently nurturing, and connects us to pure life force.

With kundalini yoga and sound healing we will invoke a deeply relaxed and meditative state so that we can all drop into the healing-feminine-matrix. We then focus on releasing stagnant energy in the body; reducing any stress and creating space for physical and emotional symptoms to dissipate.

Tones produced by crystal bowls will send calming vibrant waves through the bodies energy centers, or chakras, for healing and energetic balancing. Last, but not least, we will work with the conscious movement of the creative, flowing, serpent energy in your own life.

Dive into the energy of birth, enlightenment, death, fertility, oneness, protection, re-birth and transformation and take a journey into your relationship with timeless, pure source energy.

Pre-registration and payment is recommended to reserve your seat by emailing, or calling 505-466-1961, or via Paypal to


Leanna Leitnaker is an energy intuitive and sound healer dedicated to elevating the vibration of the collective consciousness. In her work, she uses various healing techniques to open and balance the chakra system (or human energy field) so that it radiates in its highest, most beautiful expression. In addition to her sound healing practice, Leanna is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, a Past Life Regression Therapist and a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Ruby Renshaw is a business, meditation and yoga facilitator dedicated to freedom; in mind, movement and soul. In her work, she combines energy clearing, music, sacred space, and yoga with a touch of light heartedness for an experience of alignment and elevation. Ruby has her Masters in Business and is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Energy Practitioner.

Can’t come to the workshop, or want to work one-on-one? More Info

The workshop is being held at the Temple of Entrada located at 5614B Highway #41 Galisteo, NM 87540. While the Temple of Entrada is a physical location in the Galisteo Basin of New Mexico, the essence of the Temple is an opportunity for profound access to experiences of deep awareness and alignment with “source”.

Pre-registration and payment is recommended to reserve your seat by emailing, or calling 505-466-1961, or via Paypal to