serpent energy art

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“Cosmic Serpent″ : 17 7/8″ x 23 1/2” : Acrylic on canvas: 2015 : Framed : $475


The ancient, primal image of Serpent has been expressed across cultures in a multitude of mediums. Diving into its energy of birth, enlightenment, death, fertility, oneness, protection, re-birth and transformation is a journey into a relationship with timeless, expansive source energy. More about vital serpent energy.

Serpent is a primary, recurring theme in my artistic expression. I am heavily influenced by my relationship with the land of Galisteo, as well as interactions with Serpent Mound in my home state of Ohio and the kundalini energy of the yoga I teach.

I participate in the Galisteo Studio Tour and La Sala in Galisteo.

Please contact me with any questions

Collaboration Ruby and artist Janet Pfeiffer work together in encaustic to explore variations of Serpent’s twists and turns. 


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