Sessions and events can be created 100% from nothing, or you can chose to play with a theme you design or jump-started from one of five existing themes.

Command your Domain

Expand your capacity to holistically command and align the structure of your business by clearing and enhancing your connection between your chakra landscape, the seven core components of a strong business, and vital energy. Powerfully commanding the domain of your business means being consciously aware of all aspects of your being and entrepreneurial qualities that impact holistic success and fulfillment. You are your business. Whatever is showing up – the good, the bad, and the ugly –can be addressed by looking within, clearing related chakras and moving vital kundalini energy. With holistic alignment comes more power and support; you are no longer operating just from mind and action. We cover the territory that is your business by systematically delving into the seven core components of your business with relaxation, yoga, and sharing; assessing, enhancing, sealing.

Nature Painting & Yoga

A Nature Painting created outdoors on the earth, is a native communication tool used to connect the visible and invisible worlds. The physically temporary, yet energetically lasting, painting is a powerful tool for affirmation, change, healing, an illustration of your personal spiritual journey, and a reflection of your current transformation. We integrate yoga and movement to release the ego and align mind, body, spirit.

Radical Emergence

While it is important to organize and be in action, it is just as important to consciously connect to the “flow” “chi” “source” of life. When we separate from our own inherent core nature, we can become anxious & insecure and attempt to control the pace of profound, radical emergence. Radical emergence is rapid evolution free of old patterns of operation. When you take the time to powerfully pause and holistically review, you are more able to trust your own vital emergence, gracefully expand, and openly absorb emergent energy. In this two-hour experience, we relax, center and align with meditation, gentle yoga and sharing – suggested once a month.

Serpent Energy Workshop

The ancient, primal image of Serpent has been expressed across cultures in a multitude of mediums and has been called many things: chi, creative energy, flow, Kundalini Shakti, life force, sexual energy, source, and vital energy to name just a few. This four-hour workshop is an exploration of serpent energy through art, breath, meditation, movement, and yoga. Consciously awakening and working with serpent energy feels good because it calms the nervous system and assists us on the journey to our authentic, expansive self.

Ten Bodies : Radical Integration Series

We know we have a physical body; we can see it, touch it, and feel it. We also have other bodies that are equally real, if not more so. In addition to the physical body, we have three mental bodies and six energy bodies. When all ten bodies are under your direction, it produces a state of integrated support –a sense you don’t have to do it all on your own, a consciousness that allows you to move gracefully through difficult situations, and an increased ability to recognize the good in all. These eleven, hour-long sessions are designed to clear and enhance the participant’s connection with each of their Ten Bodies.