Services focused on business owners and leaders… please click here for more info.

Personalized private or group sessions @ The Temple of Entrada, in your home, or via Skype offered by Ruby, Coordinator.

Private Yoga Sessions I can help you start or refine your practice and, if you like, design a specific kriya (set) you can practice on your own to address specific needs.

One Session $110 –Two Sessions $200 –Three Sessions $150

Emergence Sessions While it is important to organize and be in action, it is equally important to pause and review. Energetically (as we connect with technology, people, and the environment) we can absorb energy that is not ours and/or not helpful. We become separate from our own inherent expansive nature and attempt to control the pace of radical emergence more info.

Please contact me 505-466-1961 or to discuss your needs.

Testimonials Ruby is a true yogini. She prescribed a yoga practice for me that built strength and power in an area of my life where I had always felt weakness — both physically and psycho-spiritually. After doing the series for a few months, I found myself able to respond to challenging situations in a completely different way. I highly recommend working with her to cultivate your capacity for better health, purpose, personal, spiritual and emotional development as well as professional clarity. ~Judy Herzl, Coach & Consultant, Platform Creation Mentor for Authors & Creative Santa Fe, NM

Ruby is a gifted teacher. through her gentle guidance, I always leave her class feeling renewed in body, mind and spirit ~Judy Tuwaletstiwa Galisteo, NM

The private Kundalini Yoga sessions I have with Ruby Renshaw have been, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself. Each session has been designed, by Ruby to meet me “where I am” physically, mentally & spiritually. Ruby’s approach is deeply rooted in her knowledge of Kundalini Yoga with a wonderful light heartedness and openness that creates a space that has allowed for opening and healing ~Joann Schilling

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