about ruby


I am heavily influenced by my relationship to the land of Galisteo and the Kundalini energy of the yoga I teach.

For many years I owned my own accounting practice and after moving to Houston, Texas and completing my MBA, I worked in the field of management consulting. My thesis had been “Tracking the Impact of Business & Spirituality” and I worked with Fortune 500 Human Resource Managers to design systems and measures for cultural initiatives.

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga thru a random DVD purchase in 1994 and practiced at home before discovering an ashram in Houston. There, I met a teacher, Guruatma K. Khalsa, who gently guided me into the depth, breadth and potential of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in 6 a.m. classes.

Moving to Santa Fe in 2011, I participated in the yoga teacher training at Yoga Santa Fe primarily to deepen my own personal practice and understanding; secondarily I discovered an interest in teaching and a desire to dive more deeply into the integrative aspect of the yoga.

I incorporate energy awareness and the science of Kundalini into all aspects of my life including the classes and workshops I teach, and the meditative management consulting I deliver to leaders and entrepreneurs.

Private Sessions

Series & Workshops

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