PAUSE You + Powerful Pause = Radical Emergence When you take the time to powerfully and consistently pause, you are able to recognize and allow emergence. Emergence energetically grounds intuition and ignites rapid evolution free of default patterns. When you pause, you access core central strength, consciously pull in helpful energy and activate truth. From this space, you gain a holistic perspective 
from which to powerfully set in motion efficient, integrated, results-based action. OCT – DEC 2017 more info

COMlightbody_alex-greyMAND YOUR DOMAIN a morning retreat focused on expanding your capacity to holistically command and align the structure of your business.

NEXT DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED Clear and enhance your chakra landscape as it relates to specific core components of a strong business … more info

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VITAL SERPENT ENERGY an afternoon retreat focused on consciously working with kundalini energy 

NEXT DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED Explore your own kundalini energy through meditation, sound healing, and yoga in this inspiring mini-retreat … more info 

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