balancing the tattvas

670915_a5351The five elements, or tattvas, are Fire, Air, Ether, Earth, and Water.

We experience the tattvas as qualities in our senses and in the world. When our personal tattvas are balanced, we more effectively manage stress and resist illness.

The fundamental principle –of balancing and elevating the dense vibration of the tattvas to build health, mental richness, and spiritual strength– crosses over into Chinese Medicine, as well as Hermetic Science.

We can not get rid of the five elements of which we are composed. But we can maintain them in a way that keeps us healthy and supports our conscious action and channeled desires.

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Tattva Balance Beyond Stress and Duality


The Five Tattvas

The first tattva is Earth (Pritvi Tattva — Greed). Instead of being greedy to possess things, be greedy to spread truth to all people, to possess a high caliber, and to become a great saint or a great teacher. The sense associated with the Pritvi Tattva is smell. The Pritvi Tattva is the basic element of earth, and is an expression of dullness, unawareness, attachment, and functions only from need and instinct. The foundation of the physical structure of the body – bones, skin, flesh, teeth & marrow – originate from this physical element of earth and is associated with the First Chakra.

The second tattva is Water (Apas Tattva – Lust). Instead of being lustful to exploit another person or the earth, we can choose to see not an object of exploitation, but a mother/father or sister/brother image to be respected. We maintain our dignity and respect for each other and the earth, and change our attitude from exploitation to service. The sense associated with the Apas Tattva is taste. The Apas Tattva is a manifestation of the forces of both dullness and attachment. Gland secretions, blood, and semen originate for this element. The Apas Tattva manifests in the kidneys, sex glands & lymphatic system and is associated with the Second Chakra.

The third tattva is Fire (Agni Tattva – Anger). Instead of directing anger at others, be angry at your own negativity and self-destructive behaviors. The sense is sight. The Agni Tattva is the main motive energy in the body and our personal power – digesting our food, producing blood and other fluids, and sustaining the body. It is responsible for nourishment and growth of the body and is associated with the Third Chakra. The fire center (Agni) manifests through the spleen, liver, pancreas, and adrenal glands. Just as the heat of the sun make life possible on Earth, the heat of the Angi Tattva sustains life in the body.

The fourth tattva is Air (Aayu Tattva – Attachment). Instead of being attached to earthly possessions, be attached to the whole universe. Be attached to the idea of a healthy, happy, holy life; and wanting to not see people suffer. The sense is touch. The Vayu Tattva is the vital force or “prana” in the body.  It produces the cells and precious seeds. It keeps all of the bodily organs active and healthy, while circulating blood and other fluids throughout the body. Though we cannot see Vayu, we feel its touch. The main center of operation for the Vayu Tattva (Fourth Chakra association) is the chest region which includes five principal organs and glands: lungs, heart, thymus, cell producing glands and the subsidiaries.

The fifth tattva is Ether (Akasha Tattva – Negative Ego or Pride). Instead of being an egomaniac, identify yourself with the Infinite. Have pride and gratitude that God made you a human. The sense is sound. Our personality is dependent on which of the five elements predominates in our nature. If the person has the Akasha Tattva (Ether) predominating, then he will be the happiest, most carefree being in the world. Yet, the operations of the Akasha Tattva are not perceptible to our sense organs. The chief center of operation of the Akasha Tattva is the throat (associated with the fifth chakra) the space between the collar-bone and the nape of the neck. This is the region which comprises principal glands: thyroid, parathyroid, salivary, and tonsils. The essential secretions of these glands help mold our minds and keep them nourished.


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