beautiful body mind heart

Unknown-5The body is a temple of human expression and evolve-ment. We are often told by the media and friends that it wears out, has many illnesses, and is extremely fragile. In fact, the body is self-repairing.

When our mind is negative and our heart closed, the body gets eaten by the ego. Yogi Bhajan said “there is not death except by your own ego, and your own negativity, which reduces the voltage of your life force so your circumvent field becomes weak and death creeps into your body. This body is beautiful. It was made by a very special imagination of the Creator.”

Our own habits of possession, constriction, anger, tension, and attachment set up energy patterns within the body that disrupt the normal flow of vital energy. This opens the door to disease, both physical and mental. After all, we are creators also, and, to a certain extent, create the environments we live in. We create our bodies with each thought, activity, and meal.

Kundalini Yoga and meditation are very powerful readjustment tools; relaxing the nervous system, moving energy into closed spaces and restoring joy in mind and heart. Since we are all products of our habits and since few of us are without ego, it is important to readjust the flow of energy on a regular basis.

Source: Creative, Sacred & Invincible Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

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