blue moon meditation

July 31st | 6pm – 7:30pm NEXT BLUE MOON January 2018 

Illuminate and activate the subconscious on this rare evening of the Blue Moonimages-31

Throughout history, the Blue Moon represents a time of heightened or clearer communication between our physical being and the Divine. In yogic traditions, it is the perfect time for deeply healing body, mind, and spirit in the company of others.

The Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karm Meditation is a very powerful, but simple meditation best practiced on the eve of a full moon. The meditation influences the subconscious mind  “most completely”.  Carl Jung taught that our subconscious holds not only repressed conflicts, but the creative seeds of individual wholeness and well-being.

The flow of the evening:

-practice a kundalini yoga set to prepare us for meditation

-experience the Dhrib Dhristi for 11 minutes

-enjoy tea and company

$12  – you can use your yoga pass for yourself & a friend!

For more information, contact Ruby at or 505-466-1961. images-30

What to bring: your beautiful presence, water bottle, your favorite meditation pillow and yoga mat if desired. There are mats and water available.

Driving Directions

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Schedule of public classes


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