heart-centered breath


Fotolia_heart-on-water-235x310Awake, my dear, be kind to your sleeping heart, take it out into the vast fields of Light and let it breath ~Hafiz

Be kind to yourself with a bath of positive loving thoughts – take a moment in your day to pause and relax your para-sympathetic nervous system to support yourself with a peaceful, heart-centered outlook.

Easy Heart-Centered Breath

Begin by finding a place where you can sit relatively quietly. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Slowly and consciously expand your belly with the inhale. Feel the breath rise into the chest and take deep additional sips of breath as you suspend the breath; making more and more room for the physical heart-space. On the exhale, slowly release the breath in the chest first and then pull in the navel point for complete exhalation.

With each breath you take, see your heart gracefully expanding. Allow your heart to continue to expand. If you feel that your mind is trailing off – note the pattern. Are you thinking of unpaid bills or a to-do list that seems never ending? Bring yourself back to heart-center, and refocus on your breathing. Take a few minutes – or longer – to rest in this nourishing energy.

When you feel shifted, expanded and more relaxed, slowly open your eyes and sit quietly for a moment; integrating peace and calmness into your being.

Try giving yourself this gift of self-love as often as you can during this month of love!

For a deeper experience, check out breathwork…

Breathwork is a mind-body therapy that utilizes a conscious connected breath in a purposeful and intentional way. It has the capacity to affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The body begins to relax and physical tension softens, increasing your ability to release longimages-2-held emotional and mental patterns ~ Juli Somers

1st Friday of every month : Galisteo Breaths : facilitated by Juli Somers

In this group session, experience conscious connected breathing. Relax deeply, release stress and reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit. More about the session