five things a meditation and yoga workshop can do for you

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There are some subtle, yet powerful benefits, a mindfulness & yoga workshop can do for you –and of course! …I know of one you can attend Mindfulness & Yoga Workshop July 30th Galisteo NM

#1 Create space in your lungs, in your mind, and in your perspective. You’re invited to slow down. Slowing down invites space. It invites us to see that there is more to life than rushing from point A to point B. It actually makes us realize that there is space between point A and point B and there is space between our inhale, exhale—and body parts!

#2 Offer reassurance by supporting you to realize that everything is, in fact, OK. And everything will be OK. All those things on our to-do list won’t seem so urgent anymore.

#3 Make you stronger by proving you are stronger than you think. Yes, you can practice breathwork, mindfulness, and yoga even if you have never practiced before. Yes, you can leave your home for a few hours. The more we tap into the simplicity of exactly this, the stronger we become.

#4 Confirm your worth by confirming you deserve time just for you. We all deserve to feel good on a consistent basis. We all deserve to give to ourselves so we have more to give in return. The world needs more of this.

#5 Provide clarity by allowing sparks to fly from your heart. And when this happens, all of a sudden, you are creating a map for the life you want to live. A massive dose of clarity comes when you mix a group of like-minded people together. You begin to respond instead of react. You begin to live your life.

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