why gratitude is good for the heart

images-2The minute you make up your mind to be appreciative, you change your physical body. You send a message to the cells in your body and they respond to it; going to work to increase the energy, health, and vibrancy of all of you.

Including your emotions.

Gratitude links the emotional body to the heart and thus to the soul. The emotional body is a restless, constantly vibrating flow of energy around you. When you say thanks, and appreciate your life, the pattern of energy that represents your emotional body begins to rearrange itself into a higher and finer vibration.

Your emotions are the most magnetic part of you when it comes to 74d237fdc0b13ec7d9bbfb8f3a5dffcdattracting events, people, and objects. The calmer and more detached you are, the easier it is to have what you want.

The more peaceful and serene you are, the more easily you can focus on your higher being and the more you can shine from your heart.

Blessing yourself and those around you.

Sourced from: Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman

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