what kundalini yoga is not

by Ruby

Kundalini yoga is so often misunderstood –it makes sense to throw out the complication of what it is not, in order to reveal the beauty and simplicity of what it is.

What it is notimages-3

Kundalini Yoga:

-is not all about deep breathing

-is not related to any religion

-is not about holding postures

-is not dangerous

-is not about being a vegetarian

-is not about wearing white

-is not about sex

-is not all about chanting

-is not about snakes

-is not about showing off

-is not directly connected to Sikhs

-is not weird

What Kundalini yoga is

The Kundalini yoga I teach (using breath, free-flow posture, mantra, and music) gives you expanded access to yourself and a comprehensive energy boost in a gentle, relaxing, and meditative way.

Simple and beautiful.


Ruby is a true yogini. She prescribed a yoga practice for me that built strength and power in an area of my life where I had always felt weakness — both physically and psycho-spiritually. After doing the series for a few months, I found myself able to respond to challenging situations in a completely different way. I highly recommend working with her to cultivate your capacity for better health, purpose, personal, spiritual and emotional development as well as professional clarity. ~Judy Herzl, Coach & Consultant, Platform Creation Mentor for Authors & Creative Santa Fe, NM

The private Kundalini Yoga sessions I have with Ruby Renshaw have been, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself. Each session has been designed, by Ruby to meet me “where I am” physically, mentally & spiritually. Ruby’s approach is deeply rooted in her knowledge of Kundalini Yoga with a wonderful light heartedness and openness that creates a space that has allowed for opening and healing. ~Joann Schilling Eldorado, NM

ruby is a gifted teacher. through her gentle guidance, i always leave her class feeling renewed in body, mind and spirit. ~Judy Tuwaletstiwa Galisteo, NM

I began Kundalini yoga as really good exercise with the bonus of relaxation. In addition, I now experience Kundalini yoga as paying attention to my body and its abilities in the moment, working with them for physical well being and peace of mind.  Over time I have improved my balance, flexibility, and strength and I feel happier. I always look forward to class with Ruby Renshaw! ~Dorothy Victor Galisteo, NM


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